We have spent over 30 years at the forefront of Irish Landscape Architecture with a proven track record in the delivery of high quality projects in all scales and sectors.

The practice was founded in 1988 and has developed into one of the largest multi-disciplinary practices in Ireland. Mitchell + Associates designers are drawn from a range of disciplinary backgrounds and professional experience and include landscape architects, and urban designers and a range of other environment professionals. This has allowed the practice to develop coherent, integrated design strategies for projects in a broad range of urban, rural and natural contexts.

The company is project focused and for all projects our involvement is centred on achieving designed solutions specific to the site which derive from its context, including; the historical, physical, economic, social and cultural processes at work and the aspirations inferred and emerging from the development brief. We are committed to the production of creative designed or ‘made’ landscape solutions which both acknowledge and enhance the links between human activities and receiving environment . We believe that vitality and sustainability are essential contributors to successful design solutions. 

Mitchell + Associates is currently involved in the design and construction of projects in both the public and private environment and of widely varying scales and origins, including: site master planning; urban design and regeneration; public parks and open spaces; commercial/corporate institutional; and residential projects.