Left: Eye level perspective showing the proposed circulation network for the Kilkenny Countryside Park. Top Right: The proposed plan layout. Bottom Right: Infographic demonstrating the transformation from landfill to parkland

ORIS funding secured for M+A schemes in Offaly & Kilkenny

Mitchell + Associates are delighted that our projects have contributed to the successful funding of two significant Outdoor Recreation and Infrastructure Schemes (ORIS) announced on the 29th of November 2021 by Heather Humphreys T.D, Minister for Rural and Community Development, Heather Humphreys T.D.

Congratulations to Clara Heritage Group and Offaly County Council for the €200k fund for the, Clara and to Kilkenny County Council for the €499.5k fund for the Kilkenny Biodiversity and Recreation Countryside Park at Dunmore.

The Kilkenny Countryside park proposed on the site of the former Dunmore municipal landfill, just 5km north of Kilkenny City Centre, is transforming what was once a negative into something positive: a regional destination for health and well-being, attracting fitness and outdoor enthusiasts, nature lovers and educational providers. Part of the proposal is also to enhance the recreational amenities along the North Kilkenny Cycle Loop and the connectivity back into the city along the river Nore.

A full press release for the Kilkenny Countryside Park can be read here.

The Clashawaun River Walk project consists of creating a new 400m river walk amenity and enhancement of biodiversity along the banks of the River Brosna at Clashawaun, Clara, to help restore connections to the river for the community and visitors. The new walkway will be instrumental in helping to reactivate the wonderful resource of the River Brosna. The project will have €23,000 matching funding from Offaly County Council.

A full press release for The Clashawaun River Walk can be read  here.

An illustrative section through the proposed new Clashawaun River Walk. The scheme will involve the creation of new river walk, seating opportunities, native riparian planting and wayfinding / information signage